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Gas stove in the hot spare can not open the fire hole?
TIME:2017-1-14 11:52:05 | VIEW:
As the gas furnace in hot standby is a negative pressure state In order to prevent the air at the top of the furnace, so not allowed to open in the hot standby fire hole.
Some units have opened in the hot standby fire hole,
Observe the furnace situation, due to the inhalation of air from the top, coupled with the natural ventilation in the furnace surface of the formation of gas, the formation of mixed gas, fire in the top of the furnace.
If the long-term hot standby, the furnace is indeed necessary to understand the situation, then, as long as the closure of the white vent valve, a small amount of air, while slightly put down the maximum relief valve in the roof after the formation of positive pressure In order to open the fire hole, inspection and detection furnace conditions.
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