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Is it possible to repair the gas furnace?
TIME:2017-1-14 11:52:33 | VIEW:
In the hot standby, the gas generator mechanical transmission part of the maintenance is entirely possible, because it does not involve the furnace gas atmosphere.
In addition to the transmission part of the maintenance, the most common hot spare when the repair is to replace the measurement of gas lock device (measuring roll Jane) impeller, in the measurement of gas lock and measure the coal feeder to remove foreign body and replace the fire hole seat and other operations.
To carry out these operations, and hot standby to open the fire hole to observe the furnace condition, be sure to maintain positive pressure, it is pressure in the 50-100 Pa or so, this time because of less air into the furnace, After a small amount of hair, so generate less gas, the operation is relatively safe, but after the parts off, should take measures to remove the exposed channel blocked to prevent excessive gas leakage, and to try to Will shorten the operating time in time to restore the original state of hot standby, or transferred to the production status.
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