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Is the natural ventilation valve always open when the gas stove is hot?
TIME:2017-1-14 11:54:10 | VIEW:
Open the natural ventilation valve, the purpose is to enter a certain amount of air, so that the furnace has little gasification reaction can be, this time to keep the fire layer in a certain temperature and fire layer thickness. If you have been open the natural ventilation valve, so that air has been drawn into the furnace from the gasification reaction, the gasification reaction is always coal consumption, and hot spare without coal, so a long time, the coal gradually exhausted to the last Resulting in burned furnace stove flame.
So when hot standby open the natural ventilation valve, open the length of time, depending on the furnace situation Shen, specifically, depending on the furnace temperature set high and low, when the furnace temperature rises to 150 ℃, you can turn small or Close the natural ventilation valve.
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