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Why two-stage gas furnace exports of tar?
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Two-stage gas furnace has two gas exports from top to bottom, the output of different calorific value of the gas, the gasification efficiency and comprehensive thermal efficiency than single-stage furnace, the furnace through the upper part of the furnace completely dry distillation, the lower gas is basically free of tar, Upper gas contains a small amount of light tar, not easy to plug the pipeline, the lower section of the gas out of possession of tar. So, why two-stage gas furnace export tar?
1, saturation temperature is too high:
As the saturated steam into the bottom of the furnace to the oxide layer, so that the temperature of the oxide layer, and carbon dioxide is low, there is not enough temperature for the reduction reaction, the water vapor in the oxide layer can not be decomposed to high carbon dioxide gas, carbon monoxide Low content, water content and more.
2, coal is too wet, too much coal water content:
Because the enterprise coal field does not avoid the rain and snow, the coal contains the water excessively excessively, too many enters the stove, causes the coal gas heat to the new incoming coal carries on drying, loses the massive gas heat, reduces the gas outlet temperature, And the gas containing large amounts of water, gas quality.
The above two reasons, whether the lower part of the redox layer of the furnace run, or the top of the dry distillation layer of cold run, will make the gas quality, water vapor content is too high, resulting in gas temperature is too low, to a large number of tar precipitation, Plug the plug gas pipeline.
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