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Electrolux voluntarily recalled two glass-faced gas stoves
TIME:2017-1-18 11:21:57 | VIEW:
Following last week's recall of four affected glass-surface gas stoves, the Swedish brand Electrolux yesterday announced the recall of two more glass-surface gas stoves. Customers can choose to replace the product or check refund.
Electrolux's glass-surface gas-fired furnaces were repeatedly damaged, and SPR ordered the recall of the four glass-faced gas stoves affected and urged consumers to immediately stop using them.
Electrolux announced on the company's website yesterday, the company took precautions to take the initiative to recall the other two Flexi glass surface gas stove, their models are: EGT9038CKP and EGT8028CKP. Electrolux replied to the newspaper's inquiry, said that the two models of glass surface gas stove has sold about 560.
On the other hand, recently recalled four glass surface gas furnace: EGT9637CKP, EGT7637EGP, EGT7637CKP, and EGT7627CKP, Electrolux is expected to involve 5800 households to buy the family.
Affected customers can choose to replace the gas stove, or choose a refund check. EGT7637CKP, EGT7637EGP, EGT7627CKP or EGT8028CKP models can get 700 yuan, EGT9637CKP or EGT9038CKP can get 800 yuan.
Electrolux will also offer 100-yuan coupons for affected customers. Electrolux reiterated: "This is not a product defect with the event, because the product model is certified and compliance.
Some customers are in the purchase of new homes, the kitchen had been pre-installed gas furnace products. Electrolux is currently in contact with the developer to determine the most effective solution for these customers, customers can also directly contact Electrolux.
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