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Gas furnace purchase more concerned about environmental protection and safety
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Gas furnace is based on coal, water, air as raw materials, through the media and water vapor generated gasification reaction of carbon monoxide, methane, hydrogen and other combustible gas fuel. Gas furnace for the industrial furnace to provide a low-cost heat source to anthracite, non-bituminous coal as raw material to air and water vapor as gasification reaction gas, widely used in machining, rolling, forging metal, Ye Lian ceramics, glass, refractory chemical manufacturing industries. We all know that the direct combustion of coal in the process of heating will produce a lot of dust and utilization is very low, but this device to solve the problem of direct combustion of coal burning in the process of serious pollution, low utilization rate is not convenient and a series of problems .
The gas furnace main equipment investment is small, the use of safe and convenient, simple operation, and a significant effect of smoke and dust, can automatically on the coal and slag, and coal adaptability, comes with steam system, cost-effective.
Users in the purchase of gas furnace equipment, in addition to concerned about environmental protection, also concerned about the safety equipment, because safety is the top priority.
Gas furnace for the semi-open production, the use of fixed-bed gasifier gasifier for the fixed bed, gas system is under high pressure, no outside air inhalation possible, and we also have high pressure in the place Blasting valve, in the precipitator and sub-pipe at the end of the explosion-proof membrane, effectively reduce the probability of explosion.
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