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Safety for the winter, not less gas furnace
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 Gas furnace in terms of gas furnace in terms of technology can be said to have been quite perfect, gas furnace in the process of manufacturing gas will be on the gas for dust, washed, coke, and a series of stringent processes, effective removal The fly ash into the atmosphere, exhaust and other pollutants, so in the combustion process will have less emissions. And direct combustion of coal, then the utilization rate is very low, and after the transformation of the gas furnace, the comprehensive utilization rate can be increased by about 10 percent, and the gas does not contain dust, I believe we are more concerned about coal combustion of carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide .

Carbon monoxide colorless and tasteless, often in unexpected circumstances, especially in sleep will unknowingly invade the respiratory tract through the alveolar gas exchange into the bloodstream and walk the body, causing poisoning. But please rest assured that the sulfur in the coal only when the high temperature will be converted, and carbon monoxide will be a special device to deal with impurities, so we do not have to worry about them.
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