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In contrast the advantages of gas furnace obvious
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Gas furnace in China's technology has been mature day by day, compared with the traditional coal technology can clearly see the obvious advantages of gas furnace.
1. From the economic point of view, it is apparent from the viewpoint of energy conservation that the energy consumption ratio of the two types of fuel furnaces is the ratio of coal stove to coal gas in the case of normal production and normal operation by the economic comparison of coal producer gas to furnace and heat treatment furnace, respectively Furnace = 1: 0.95, that is, the use of furnace gas and direct coal can be compared to 5% energy saving.
2, the use of gas furnace gas is conducive to the use of small energy burner, easy to adjust the arrangement through the burner kiln temperature, thereby enhancing the product of a product rate. Traditional coal combustion method can only heat the products that are not required for fuel. If it is necessary to heat relatively clean products, it can only use muffle heating, which will undoubtedly reduce the heat utilization rate of the fuel greatly.
Traditional coal combustion on the furnace temperature is not easy to control, often want to rise in temperature is not up, do not want to go down the situation. The application of cold gas and hot gas heating products, such as the regulation of furnace temperature only need to adjust the gas valve and valve opening, very simple, for improving product quality, improve production processes, improve working conditions and environmental health has a very significant effect .
3, pollutant emissions less than the traditional coal combustion. Traditional coal combustion methods and the traditional use of coal will produce a large number of pollutants, causing serious environmental pollution. The main reason is:
(1) coal is not easy to make full contact with oxygen and the formation of incomplete combustion, low combustion efficiency, the relative increase in pollution row
(2) the combustion process is not easy to control, for example, a large number of volatile oxygen precipitation is often insufficient, resulting in precipitation and smoke black smoke;
(3) sulfur in raw coal mostly oxidizes to SOx in the combustion process;
(4) solid fuel combustion temperature is difficult to uniform, the formation of local high temperature zone, prompting a large number of NOx; formation;
(5) untreated solid coal direct combustion, a large number of dust will be discharged with the smoke, causing a lot of dust pollution.
Gas production furnace Coal gas technology through the gas dust, washing, coke and other technology, strictly control the fly ash into the atmosphere and other pollutants, because the combustion process is reasonable, less harmful emissions. Wastewater in the gas station recycling, basically no efflux.
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