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Advantages of Two - stage Gas
TIME:2017-1-20 13:52:22 | VIEW:
With two gas exports is the two-stage gas furnace, by emitting different calorific value of the gas, compared with single-stage furnace gasification efficiency and comprehensive thermal efficiency should be high.
1, the coal will use the upper and lower section of the furnace dry distillation technology, therefore, the upper gas there is less light tar, the next section of the gas is basically no tar, will not cause blockage of the pipeline.
2, two furnace gas high calorific value, relatively stable, good degree of automation, labor intensity slightly less.
3, non-polluting, do not cause harm to the environment, effective water-saving, low cost.
4, two-stage furnace grate rotation and coal can be part of the adoption of the requirements of the development of mechanical or hydraulic, because the grate is made of heat-resistant cast iron, so the permeability is very good, more suitable for use in the bituminous coal gasification process .
5, process selection High ash basin water seal, the operation mode is high gasification pressure, so the degree of gasification is very large, natural gas production.
6, the automatic control of the furnace gate driven ash and coal under the hydraulic system.
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