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When the gas furnace water sets of steam generated more?
TIME:2017-1-21 11:47:31 | VIEW:
This is mainly related to gasification furnace gasification, material thickness, fire layer length and temperature, furnace gas temperature and the use of water jacket time and other factors.
When the gasification strength increases, the reaction furnace to speed up the release of heat more water jacket so heat more, and thus the amount of steam produced.
When the thick layer, its heat transfer also increased, so produce more steam.
When the operation of the mountain at saturation temperature is too small, resulting in elongated fire layer, the emergence of long fire layer, and the fire layer temperature is high, then the production of steam will increase.
When the furnace operation accidentally, a local burn through, furnace temperature increases, it will also cause increased steam production
When the new furnace put into operation, because the gas furnace water jacket on both sides of the inner ring without scale and tar tar scale, so fast heat transfer, the amount of steam generated is also large.
When the above conditions arise, the amount of steam generated more, if not timely application or dissipation, then it will cause the steam pressure.
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