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Gas stove manufacturers to introduce oxygen in the gas with pots that increase the problem
TIME:2017-2-4 13:17:40 | VIEW:
The role of oxygen is very large, if not the most basic of carbon and oxygen complete combustion reaction, the next may have a subsequent reduction reaction, but requires a thorough oxidation reaction carried out, That is, the oxygen in the saturated air in the fire all consumed: the material layer in the furnace in the cold run state, the oxygen content will rise.
In the case of inconsistent tension at each point of the furnace layer, a large number of saturated air may flow from the loose, when the oxygen may not be fully reacted into the gas, especially in some areas not gasification, all coal , Resulting in a wind tunnel, this situation is more serious, and sometimes even part of the furnace space explosion (that is, with oxygen, gas and fire these three conditions).
In the ignition process, the material layer gradually established, although the oxygen content at the beginning of the higher, with the thickening of the material layer, the oxygen content to gradually reduce, so when the net can be incorporated into the net to see if the oxygen content is reduced to in accordance with.
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