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Gas furnace surface temperature is rising and the central part of the yellow to white is what the phenomenon?
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Gas furnace surface temperature rising and the central part of the gradual turn yellow to white is a burning phenomenon
Usually occurs in the coal failure. Appears to be in the normal work, but in fact because of the coal body was stuck large, or the lower part of the coal body is blocked by the damp of coal, resulting in a long time not under the coal, this time saw furnace temperature rising, Gas quality gradually decreased, in fact, the fire layer is constantly lifting, resulting in the upper reduction layer and other coal layers lost.
 Since the central part of the coal seam is relatively thinner than the edge area, so when there is no coal added to the furnace, the central part of the coal gasification quickly finished, followed by the fire layer is exposed to the furnace surface for direct combustion, and finally the central part Of coal was burned, it was ash-white yellow state.
This phenomenon is often out of the furnace when the long-term shutdown, the pulverized coal and foreign matter into the coal-lun, in the open gas stove and without cleaning up, resulting in the top of the coal stuck and not under the coal. Second, in the overhaul of the coal machine up and down one end of the plugging blind plate, and open the blind plate has not been removed, still remain in the original place, causing can not add coal, the results found that wood burned and extinguished.
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