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What is the cause of boiling turbidity on the surface of the gas charge layer?
TIME:2017-2-7 9:28:07 | VIEW:
The normal layer surface should be clear, and the surface of the layer can be seen directly from the fire detection orifice. But when the use of new small particles of coal, or screening efficiency is not high, a large number of pulverized coal into the furnace; or rain coal damp, pulverized coal sieve is not clean; or the use of mechanical strength or low heat intensity Coal, in the above factors appear, the surface layer may appear small particles of powder to be raised by the air blowing, boiling state, when the gas flow increases, then the boiling state increased, so from the fire hole to the gas Furnace spy is very turbid.
In this case, should actively improve the quality of coal into the gas furnace, that is, to reduce the pulverized coal into the gasification intensity should be reduced, or a long time to continue, the furnace will further deteriorate, followed by gas heat Will decline.
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