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Shandong gas furnace that there are a variety of furnace conditions can be measured directly from the brazing in the know.
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1. Double oxide layer (double fire): This indicates that the fire layer disorder, the fire should be concentrated in a certain period, due to frequent too many stove stoves, too frequent the ash, slagging, etc., will appear Double oxide layer, double oxide layer mixed with the middle of the reduction layer, resulting in normal oxidation can not be followed by the first reduction process to gasification, reduction time is shortened, resulting in lower gas quality.
2, long oxide layer (long fire layer): This shows that the saturation temperature is too small, is the water vapor and coke (coal has become coke in here) reflects the weak, can not absorb large amounts of heat, resulting in oxidation reaction The release of heat has not been used in a timely manner, the accumulation of heat caused by the extension of the oxide layer, too long is not conducive to the reduction of oxidation, the gas quality is also affected, you can increase the saturation temperature to correct.
3. Short oxide layer (short fire layer): This shows that the saturation temperature is too large, as signed, as excessive water vapor absorbs heat, so that oxide shortening in the oxidation of gasification is fundamental, is provided after the reduction The process used in the heat, the fire layer is too short, of course, after the gasification conditions on the poor. 4. Fire in the end (red head): At this point the fire layer in the top of the solder drill, indicating the fire layer down, direct contact with grate and furnace skirt, damage the equipment. 5. No fire layer: There are two concepts, awareness in the solder drill can not see the bright red fire layer, many experienced fireman with a rubber sole gently from the fire layer that is usually grazed, see There is a ray of smoke, indicating that this part is the fire layer, indicating that the temperature is low, or stay in the furnace brazing time is too short 〔used to say no red-hot). Second, the fire floor at the end of that layer of fire down to the brazing can not be inserted into the site, this time by the following circumstances to secondary card, the ash plate water temperature is relatively high, added water increased, even to the furnace skirt with flange burning Wear phenomenon.
The treatment of these two phenomena is not the same. The former should be appropriate to reduce the saturation temperature, while the latter need to reduce the ash from the speed, and appropriate gas to improve the saturation temperature
6. High fire layer: At this time the mountain in the fire position is too high, so the reduction layer on it is very short.Improved incompletely, coal quality will decline, , Is also caused by high temperature gas furnace one of the reasons.
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