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What is the increase or decrease in carbon content of methane in the gas?
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Methane is produced mainly in the distillate. In the normally normal layers, the methane content of the producer gas for bituminous coal is no more than 2.6%, but we also find 3% phenomena in individual furnaces and individual units. Analyzed generally caused by the following reasons.
First, due to the thick fuel layer, so the dry distillation effect is better, so the methane content increased, but Datong, Huainan coal is generally less than 3%.
Second, because of the chemical analysis of the reason, the explosion of gas analysis and operation of the calculation method of methane in the long-term at high levels, this is not a true reflection of gas composition.
It is not possible to produce a methane synthesis reaction in an atmospheric gasifier, that is, C + 2H2 = CH4, so this channel of increasing methane is not possible.
When the material layer is thinner, methane also reacts with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide and water, which is useless to the user.
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