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What happens to the gas generator ash tray unilateral overflow?
TIME:2017-2-8 13:34:37 | VIEW:
Good gray disk device in its water, the gray disk around the point of its edge to the surface of the water should be the same distance, so sometimes full of water from the four weeks at the same time overflow. The water will overflow from one side when the following conditions occur:
1. Foundation of the furnace due to non-piling uneven settlement, so that the base tilts the resulting gray disk tilt
2. Uneven wear of the lower bearing (ball or roller) of the furnace and the inclination caused by the original installation.
3. Gray disc casting quality is not good, highly inconsistent.
The majority of unilateral overflow that there is a problem on the basis of this time there is a disc disc water seal the height of the inconsistencies. Sometimes resulting in a side of the water seal height is too small, in the bottom of the pressure when there will be bubbling phenomenon.
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