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Under what circumstances will the bubbling occur?
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Gas furnace bubbling, is a gray disc water seal leakage phenomenon, but also shows the water seal is not tight. The reason is that the water seal height of this area is not enough, sealing will not leak .Bubbling generally have the following types:
1. The water level is too low.
2. Geban tilt. Flow and large, low water level on the side of the bubble.
3. Furnace skirt length is not enough, sometimes in order to increase the ash channel and cut the skirt is too short, resulting in water seal height is not enough.
4. The connection between the two skirts is not tight.
5. Gas furnace skirt cracking, cracking at the leak. Deep, this time with gas.
Bubbling gas when there are two kinds of situations: when the ash layer is high, the gas is the glow of the air; when the bottom of the fire floor than the
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