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Phenol Water Treatment and Centrifugal Pump Usage of Two - stage Gas Generator
TIME:2017-2-13 14:06:58 | VIEW:
Gas furnace in the production has been affected by phenol wastewater troubles, phenol wastewater is a major problem in environmental protection, direct emissions of environmental pollution, two-stage gas furnace is the mainstream of the method is to waste phenol wastewater into High temperature steam in the use of chemical methods for phenol removal treatment, there are still manufacturers use the more original incineration method. Centrifugal water pump as a two-stage gas furnace gas station water system is an important component. Centrifugal pump works: motor rotation production of mechanical energy, and then into kinetic energy, and finally into potential energy, two-stage gas furnace in the energy conversion process, the impeller in the water due to rotation and centrifugal force, the water has been kinetic, In a volute-like pump, water is converted from kinetic energy to potential energy. Centrifugal pump structure for the single, single suction, cantilevered, from the front of the motor to look forward, the pump clockwise rotation, the pump is through the flexible coupling and motor link.
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