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Two-stage gas furnace, so that more stable gas transport
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Gas furnace according to its different gas production technology and the quality of the gas produced by different, can be divided into different types, such as a single gas furnace, double gas furnace, two-stage thermal pyrolysis gas gas furnace. Two-stage gas furnace, it can be called two gas furnace, is a gas furnace, the general export of two, the upper and lower. Because it is in the appropriate place to increase the stage of a dry distillation, so that coal can get low temperature dry distillation, so that the late tar produced by the crack will not appear, the mobility is better. But also in the long-distance heating of hot gas during the transport process, it is not easy to lead to pipe clogging.
The principle of the work of the two-stage gas furnace is that when the coal passes through two coal valves from the top into the coal stove, the coal will be sufficiently dry and dry during the dry distillation stage, making it coke and Gasification stage, so that filled with coke gasification and the bottom of the gasifier chemical reaction, and then through the coal furnace within the reduction layer and oxide layer of two levels of vaporization, and then driven by the fence will automatically remove the cinder The
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