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Gas Furnace Gas System Heat Recovery Gas Stove Water Jacket
TIME:2017-2-15 15:10:34 | VIEW:
In order to overcome the shortcomings and shortcomings of the sink water jacket, our company developed and developed a cold-type pressure water jacket, the structure will be removed from the original tube, in the inner tube outside the ring arranged a circle of cold To replace the original sink jacket, it has the following advantages:
1) Since the cold tube structure reduces the pressure unit, the higher the pressure, the steam pressure produced by 0.20 ~ 2.5MPa, the steam temperature can be about 225 ℃. After the furnace gasification steam temperature increases, to improve the steam decomposition rate has great benefits.
2) As the work pressure increased, so that the inner wall of the jacket working temperature is bound to improve, to solve the cold wall effect has obvious benefits. Along with the bottom of the jacket dew point corrosion has also been a great decline, will certainly extend the life of the jacket.
3) The technology also has a feature, is used in the inner tube outside the ring arranged a circle cold tube, if the operation occurs in the jacket overpressure and other accidental failure, only a pipe loss, the inner tube will not be destroyed , Will not affect the normal operation.
4) After the use of this technology, due to increased working pressure, so that the jacket within the water temperature, reducing the furnace carbon layer and the jacket wall heat transfer temperature difference can reduce the furnace heat loss, thereby improving the gasification strength The
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