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Shandong Wanfeng gas furnace is a new energy equipment
TIME:2017-2-18 11:54:59 | VIEW:
Gas furnace is a use of gas energy, the original coal resources into a combustible gas dedicated production furnace. So this equipment is a kind of energy used to produce, the staff in the use of the time need to pay attention to some of the regulatory matters. Gas is a commonly used energy, although the use of a very wide range, but if the body too much inhalation, then two-stage gas furnace will endanger life and health. And this is a very easy to burn the gas, in some gas for the use of equipment, should be used in the early, the installation of the relevant faint safety measures equipment, and requires compliance with the relevant standards.
In the closed use, it should be the first to close the gas valve, Shandong gas furnace will also close the water seal. In order to ensure that our coal stove equipment is safe when running, so from the time of operation, require the relevant personnel in and out of the operation should be strictly in accordance with the rules of operation. Therefore, between the gas equipment and the pipeline, need to maintain a good seal, the equipment must be carried out on a regular basis for maintenance and maintenance work. Small gas stoves, especially some of the more important parts of the equipment. If there is some fault in the detection time, it should immediately stop the operation, maintenance.
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