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Gasification Principle and Gas Production Process of Gas Generator
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Gas gasifier gasification principle is divided into three processes, first of all the lump coal placed in the gas furnace, and then the bottom of the coal point, after the cover in the above covered with thick coal seam, and finally into the air and water vapor, when the air With water vapor and coal after a series of oxidation recovery reaction will be at the exit of CO, H2 and other combustible components of the semi-water gas equipment. Such a series to complete a set of gas furnace gas production process.
In order to produce some clean gas, use coke or anthracite. Usually coal has a particle size greater than 20mm. Two-stage gas furnace than the usual single-stage furnace to add a dry distillation section, the use of weak cohesive bituminous coal and the material to produce dry distillation gas and gasification gas mixture of two layers of gas. Material into the furnace after the furnace in the upper part of the low temperature dry distillation. Resulting in higher calorific value of low-temperature dry distillation gas, coal is dry distillation into the lower half of the heat into the lower part of the gasification. Gas furnace bottom into the air, water vapor and coke generated by the furnace gas, the temperature at 600 ~ 700 ℃, for the upper part of the dry distillation of coal supply heat source.
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