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Producer gas generator furnace body of fire detecting unique pore structure, strong applicability
TIME:2017-2-22 14:04:54 | VIEW:
The recent weather some recovery, so maybe this winter to the past?
Safety is the first priority, as well as the guarantee for the production. Gas generator itself on the fire detecting hole sealing is better when the design requirements, cannot make after gas leak, a plug, hole and jet ring and other major parts, including the effect of jet loop is a fire in the open hole, in order to avoid the gas leaked on fire, low pressure vapor from the jet loop diagonally into the upper furnace space, in the fire detecting hole to form a layer of isolation vapor air curtain, prevent gas leakage and air into the furnace, so the workers to safety in the coal feeding steak, tong slag through it, and by ground fire hole drill measuring the temperature of the furnace gasification layer, thickness and so on.
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