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New energy-saving expansion furnace energy saving effect is remarkable
TIME:2017-2-22 14:06:23 | VIEW:
Since China's reform and opening up, along with the introduction of foreign advanced kiln technology and equipment, there has been a new industry development in our country, the traditional kiln is facing new technical challenges. As compared to old expansion furnace with the introduction of the furnace with large volume, high energy consumption, long construction period, furnace temperature difference, control means lag behind, and many other defects, thus to light-duty, automation, equipment and characteristics of a gas into a new energy saving furnace come into the market, caused a revolution expansion furnace technology. Modern light energy saving expansion puffed a stove burning high quality, short construction period, high automatic degree, operators of downsizing, etc, especially the traditional kiln energy consumption is less than 70% of the energy saving effect, makes the series expansion furnace has a good market prospects, it has begun to widely promote in China.
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