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Gas burner operator should pay attention to the drum pressure and temperature
TIME:2017-2-24 15:37:09 | VIEW:
Shandong Wanfeng in the sale of gas stove when the customer has to pay attention to what, gas furnace supporting aluminum melting furnace how to safety production, gas furnace in the production staff attention to the drum pressure, drum pressure control in 294KPa the following. The safety valve in the first production adjustment, to the tampon replenishment, the normal water level for the glass tube 1/3 to 2/3, to prevent over and without water, regular sewage once a class. And you often pay attention to the furnace outlet temperature and pressure to maintain the stability of the export gas pressure, when the user gas consumption, the gas furnace outlet pressure will be reduced, immediately open the air pipe valve, to check whether the furnace is hot, material layer is too Thin and other reasons. Check the bottom of the water seal every two hours whether the overflow, gray plate water level is reduced.
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