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The working principle of the gas furnace equipment
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Gas furnace equipment is a lot of areas must be configured equipment, it can be said that these areas have been inseparable from the gas furnace equipment. Gas furnace is for the machinery, metallurgy, building materials, light industry, chemical, refractory and other industries to provide a hot processing workshop mixed furnace gas equipment. Gas furnace is equipped with a single bucket to enhance the coal machine, the use of double sealed bell jar automatic coal handling, the use of wet ash tray automatically slag. Here to tell you the working principle of gas furnace equipment.
The working principle of the gas furnace is the production of gas from coal as a raw material for the use of gas equipment. The solid raw coal is fed from the top of the furnace and moves down with the operation of the gas furnace. At the same time as the gasifier (air and vapor) entering from the bottom of the furnace meets the countercurrent flow, the raw material is heated by the high temperature gas in the bottom of the furnace, Reaction, produce coarse gas. This coarse gas (ie hot gas) can be used directly for combustion equipment after coarse dust removal. So that in the gas furnace> in the formation of several areas, generally we call the "layer".
2) the oxide layer (also known as the fire layer); 3) the reduction layer; 4) the dry distillation layer; 5) the oxidation layer (also known as the fire layer); 3) Dry layer; 6) empty layer; where the oxide layer and the reduction layer is collectively referred to as the reaction layer, the dry distillation layer and the drying layer are collectively referred to as the coal preparation layer.
When the fuel coal from the coal bucket into the furnace, the lower part of the furnace into the furnace by the gasifier (air and water vapor) will be a chemical reaction, and along the height of the material layer to form five layers, from the bottom On the ash layer, oxide layer, reducing layer, dry layer, dry layer.
The bubbled gasifier is first passed through the slag layer and preheated in this layer, and the carbon and oxygen are subjected to the following reaction when rising into the high temperature fuel layer:
2C + O2 = 2CO + Q2CO + O2 = 2CO2 + Q.C + O2 = CO22 + Q
Several reactions are exothermic reactions, the temperature is high, the layer is called the oxygen layer.
The heat generated in the oxygen layer continues to rise, in contact with the upper fuel, resulting in a reduction reaction. The main reaction in the reduction layer is:
CO2 + C = 2CO-QC + H2O = CO2 + 2H2-OC + H2O = CO + H2-Q
The secondary reduction layer is mainly generated by the reaction of carbon monoxide with excess water vapor temperature: CO + H2O = CO2 + H2 + Q
In addition, there are side reactions that generate methane: C + 2H2 = CH4 + Q
Reduced layer of hot gas in the reduction layer to rise, heating the above coal layer, forming a dry distillation and drying the second floor. Dry distillation of organic matter in the ascending heat of the physical heat caused by the distillation of dry distillation out: the dry layer of water, but also by the heat by the dry dust cleaner for processing, for the use of the furnace。
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