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How to raise the temperature inside the gas furnace
TIME:2017-2-28 13:31:55 | VIEW:
In many cases we need to raise the temperature of the gas furnace, and sometimes the gas produced by the gas furnace is not able to meet the needs of people to supply heat, and to meet the heat, one of the most important factor is the temperature, Temperature is a very effective way to improve. So what can be done to provide the temperature of the gas furnace?
First, a simple way is to increase the amount of coal in the furnace, the timing of coal, gas furnace temperature naturally improved.
Second, increase the amount of air, air volume is relatively large, coal combustion is also more fully, will also increase the temperature.
Third, in the gas pipe at the entrance to increase the place where the burner, so that can increase the amount of gas, coal and air full contact, it will burn more fully.
Fourth, to the timely gas stove for slagging, and constantly clean up the gas in the furnace waste, if the slag is not timely, then it will affect the temperature increase, and serious cases, may also lead to the machine did not Way of normal production.
Fifth, reduce the saturation temperature, but also to moderate, can not be reduced so much, reduce one or two degrees on it.
On how to improve the temperature of the gas furnace, I believe we all know how to do, and hope to help everyone.
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