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Two-stage gas furnace forbidden to open a large number of coal
TIME:2017-2-28 13:34:19 | VIEW:
Two gas furnace ban on the opening of a large number of coal practice, why?
The main reason is: a large number of coal when the furnace will lead to a serious decline in the oxide layer, the operator of the oxide layer height control is not good, and not often measured brazing, countless hearts, so that the oxide layer down to the grate and furnace skirt Site, so grate grate or furnace skirt red, deformation, cracks, gas leakage, resulting in gas fire. Two gas furnace should be opened after the opening of the oxide layer into normal, the situation as the furnace in the coal. Grate and furnace skirt burning ring, is a typical violation caused by the operation.
The fundamental measure to prevent this phenomenon is: the operator should always check the furnace conditions, solder test oxide layer (fire layer) at the specified height (furnace grate 200mm). Ensure that the thickness of the ash layer at the top of the grate.
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