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Pressure rise and temperature of gas explosion in gas furnace
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The gas explosion is the combustible gas component of the gas and oxygen-containing air mixed in a closed container after the fire, and release a lot of heat of oxidation, the heat to accelerate the oxidation reaction, the chain reaction in the short Time to quickly pass, so that the container can be combustible gas components all burned, then the temperature inside the container that rose violently, in the volume of the container, the gas pressure also will rise rapidly, which caused the explosion. The detonation wave produced by the explosion is 2000 ~ 3000m / s, the burst pressure is 0.71 ~ 1.01MPa, and the temperature is about 1750 ℃.
When the gas is exploded in the container, the instantaneous pressure rises rapidly, for example, when the internal pressure rises to 0.5MPa (5.1kg · f / cm2) in the gas equipment of 40m3 gas volume, only 0.269 second.
CO = 27.12%; H2 = 12.5%; CH4 = 1.7%; C2H6 = 0.38%; O2 = 0.19%; N2 = 47.4%, initial temperature 35 ° C, per 100 mol Gas containing 5.85 grams of water vapor, the explosion of the pressure generated by 0.76MPa (7.75kg · f / cm2). Gas furnace explosion, the general pressure of 0.71MPa ~ 1.01MPa.
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