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Control of Steam Volume in Gasifier in Gas Generator
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Gas in the gasifier in the control of the amount of steam up and down: gas furnace as a gasifier water vapor, steam consumption depends mainly on the amount of heat during the heat storage and storage of raw materials ash melting point. In order to achieve high gasification layer temperature and heat to maximize the use of the one hand, reasonable control of the above point temperature, on the other hand to minimize the amount of steam. The main basis depends on two points: First, the gas analysis and the temperature; the second is the case of ash, generally gray, loose porous, moderate block, the quality of light as well. Therefore, in the production, the gas furnace on the second floor of the round door must be regularly open to observe the slagging situation.
Shandong Wanfeng Coal Chemical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a group company which integrates laser processing and processing of coal gasification equipment. It mainly produces gas stove, gas stove, two gas furnace, double gas furnace and other products. National key high-tech enterprises, the State Torch Program commitment unit, Shandong Province Gas Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center and Zibo City Enterprise Technology Center relying on the unit.
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