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Application of Gas Stove in Weighing Large Blast Furnace
TIME:2017-3-4 14:02:27 | VIEW:
Production practice confirmed that the gas furnace can be used in large-scale blast furnace, and has significant technical advantages, the table is China's large blast furnace gas furnace performance. Compared with the internal combustion type external combustion type hot air stove, has the following characteristics compared with the internal combustion type hot air stove, abolished the combustion chamber and the fire wall, fundamentally eliminates the fatal weakness of the internal combustion type hot air stove, enlarges the volume of the regenerator, Under the same hot blast furnace capacity, the thermal area can be increased, and the structural stability is enhanced compared with the internal combustion type external combustion type hot blast furnace. The steel shell structure is symmetrical, the air distribution is uniform and the symmetry uniformity of heat transfer is improved. Directly installed in the vault part of the burning, so that high-temperature heat concentrated in the vault, reducing the heat loss, is conducive to improving the vault temperature.
Shandong Wanfeng Coal Chemical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a group company which integrates laser processing and processing of coal gasification equipment. It mainly produces gas stove, gas stove, two gas furnace, double gas furnace and other products. National key high-tech enterprises, the State Torch Program commitment unit, Shandong Province Gas Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center and Zibo City Enterprise Technology Center relying on the unit.
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