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Analysis on the Problems in the Application of Gas Generator in Lime Calcination
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In recent years, with the national environmental policy issued, the gas furnace and lime kiln combined calcined lime should be said to be an excellent start of the project, and now in the implementation of the domestic use period, not the same technology to use its effect is not the same , Some companies have not been very successful, the analysis is the first few difficult to deal with the following difficulties:
1, coal tar collection and treatment: gas furnace fuel is generally anthracite, coke, bituminous coal, the use of anthracite when the tar compared to less, the user in order to reduce production costs generally use bituminous coal production, because the gas furnace is expected to be mainly bituminous coal as fuel , So the gas is rich in a lot of tar, assuming tar condensation, then the gas mixture of dust impurities in the plug and plug the pipe and burner, in a very short period of time will constitute a shutdown dredging. 2, the furnace gas without pressure, poor flame permeability: Now in addition to large-scale fertilizer companies and coal chemical companies to use the Lurgi furnace, fun furnace and other first furnace type attributed to the pressure furnace, the export gas pressure, , Two-stage gas stove are attributed to the constant pressure fixed bed furnace. Gas outlet pressure are relatively small, with the blast furnace gas, converter gas pressure is much smaller, so the gas does not pass through the case of pressure into the lime kiln can not produce qualified lime, so the control of the lime kiln selection of gas The direction of the furnace calcined lime to large-scale expansion. And to deal with the pressure will ask another gas cabinet, set the pressure station to pressurize the gas, which will also appear too big doubt.
3, the gas treatment of sulfur doubt:
In the production process of lime, the use of coal resources has always been the primary driving force in China, based on the current situation in China, the use of coal resources and environmental issues in urgent need of treatment. Gas furnace is a good way to save coal with environmental protection equipment, change the use of coal approach, can advance the use of coal and reduce the amount of dust, but the gas is still rich in hydrogen sulfide composition, combustion will still occur on the environment some Pollution. And coal direct combustion production lime contrast, the use of gas furnace gas calcined lime is the first intention is to advance the quality of lime, to achieve environmental protection plea, during which to reduce or eliminate sulfur dioxide is the most important, or will lose the use of gas furnace gas production lime significance.
4, cold gas station for the treatment of waste: gas furnace is the gas furnace gas hot gas in order to cool down to meet the cold gas temperature requirements in the use of flue gas washing tower, spray tower and other facilities for the gas cooling discharge of wastewater, the main Is the waste water after cooling, the waste water containing oil, tar and suspended solids in the wastewater, the water phenol and naphthalene odor and rich in phenol, cyanide, sulfide, ammonia, pyridine, etc., although some gas furnace users The use of a circulating pool accumulation treatment, but the sewage in the use of a certain cycle after the need for efflux, assuming that the harmful substances in the sewage can not be removed on the forced row, not only will seriously affect the impact of nearby groundwater resources, but also will be environmentally friendly disposal.
5, lime production can not be large-scale question: Although the traditional gas furnace system has been completed calcined lime, but because many elements of single kiln daily output has always been no progress, generally only in the control of 40-70 tons of planning, how to advance a single kiln Production, reduce production costs, reduce project funding is the need to deal with the question.
6, high energy consumption lime cost no doubt: Although the gas produced gas furnace lime quality is better than coal direct combustion of lime, but the high cost of production is also need to deal with the doubt, mainly coal consumption and gas furnace work Ask the capital.
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