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Energy saving monitoring of gas furnace should be a reasonable choice of purification process
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Gas furnace production of gas, high temperature, dust and other impurities in the larger tar, generally need to go through a series of gas cooling process to meet the production requirements. Gas purification cooling process is different from the power consumption of power equipment is also different, a reasonable choice of gas station gas purification cooling process, is conducive to reducing the power station power consumption. The power consumption of the hot gas station is obviously lower than that of the cold gas station. Under the condition of permitting condition, the choice of hot crude gas as fuel is beneficial to save the power consumption of the gas station. The application of the furnace gas is more extensive, but because of the Thermal equipment, the degree of automation system, gas transmission distance and the requirements of the final product of the enterprise, the gas delivery pressure and the degree of purification requirements are not the same.
For the same furnace type cold gas station, different purification cooling process, the power consumption of electricity there is a big gap. Taking the two-stage cold gas station as an example, according to the different gas purification and cooling system equipment configuration, the two-stage cold gas station can be divided into water-cooled purification process and environmental protection and energy saving process. Air-cooled purification process in the furnace under the primary cooling of the gas is in the cyclone and air cooler, through the outside air and high temperature gas indirect heat transfer to achieve; environmental protection and energy saving process is reflected in the main process through the waste heat boiler The primary cooling of the gas in the lower part of the gas furnace in the gas-fired gas station is the direct contact between the water and the gas in the chiller, and the direct cooling of the gas is carried out by the water and the gas. , To carry out downstream and counter-current heat transfer to achieve.
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