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What is the difference between the amount of water used in the gas furnace?
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All kinds of gas furnace with different water consumption, and now to ∮ 3 m gas furnace as an example:
1, stir bar water: softened water 1.5 to 3 tons / hour, control the mixing rod water temperature of 50 ~ 55 ℃ or so. (Now most of the units are no stove bar bar) so this part of the water can be omitted.
2, gas furnace water jacket water: half water softened water 350 kg / hour
Water softened water 700 kg / h
3, gas furnace furnace top cooling water: tap water 1.0 tons / hour
4, gas furnace furnace upper cooling water 1.5 tons / hour
5, W-G furnace furnace cooling water 1 ~ 1.5 tons / hour
6, ash plate to add water: tap water 100 ~ 200 kg / hour
7, the bottom of the water seal water: tap water 500 kg / hour
Now the use of water for the plant has done a lot of work, such as the water seal water and the roof, the furnace cooling water collection of concentrated water in the cold gas station as a supplementary water system, there are independent cooling Water circulation system. With the stirring rod of water, many units are currently used to deal with demineralized water, many of which gas station composed of stirring rod water self-circulation system.
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