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What happens if the carbon dioxide content in the gas increases or decreases?
TIME:2017-3-15 9:32:29 | VIEW:
Gas furnace manufacturers that carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide content between the existence of a correlation, so when the carbon dioxide content is reduced, indicating that the furnace level, complete reduction, is the normal furnace conditions; when the carbon dioxide content increased, such as more than 6% The reduction layer is too thin, or incomplete in the upper part of the material layer or space (such as fire), so that the carbon dioxide and re-generated increase; the whole material layer in the cold running state, the lack of oxidation, Is also insufficient, this time can also produce too high carbon dioxide content.
Suppressing the increase in carbon dioxide is the key to the operation of the gas furnace, so some units catch the carbon dioxide content indicator, in fact, its effect and grasp the carbon monoxide content indicators are exactly the same.
Some units have the relevant formula, the carbon dioxide component of the gas alone to do the analysis, because the carbon dioxide component is the first to be analyzed by the carbon dioxide content to determine the furnace conditions, you can omit many subsequent analysis steps, an analysis only 2 Minutes can be, often by the operator to complete their own, easy to grasp the furnace conditions.
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