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What is the problem with increased moisture content in the furnace gas?
TIME:2017-3-15 9:35:37 | VIEW:
Gas furnace manufacturers to introduce gas in the gas is mainly from the following aspects:
First, the steam from the blast air, and the reaction of burning carbon is not 100%, which is mainly determined by the temperature of this level, the higher the temperature, the steam decomposition reaction is more complete, that is, water The higher the steam decomposition rate, the less the remaining water vapor. On the contrary, if the furnace material layer in the cold running state, the water vapor decomposition rate is low, so that with the gas out of the water vapor content is large, the gas in the gas will increase.
Second, partial burners caused by local areas are raw coal, this time the water vapor is not the reaction, so a large number of gas.
Third, the gas furnace body parts of the water leakage phenomenon (by the mixing bar water seal, straight and beam, water seal and the top of the water jacket, etc.), then the leakage of water in addition to a part of the reaction with carbon to produce hydrogen, large Part of the steam is evaporated into the gas.
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