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What is the reason for the gradual increase in the pressure of the gas furnace and the bottom of the furnace?
TIME:2017-3-16 9:00:39 | VIEW:
Gas furnace out of the pressure and the bottom of the pressure colleagues gradually increased the main reason for the increase in resistance to the direction of the gas caused by the increase.
The most obvious example is the occurrence of blockage of the furnace outlet pipe caused by the phenomenon, because the furnace gas outlet pipe on both sides are in different working conditions, the gas in the furnace side is high temperature state, furnace gas and a large number of belt The material and heavy tar, washed and cooled by water, the material will be precipitated in the coal dust and heavy tar. If the water spray face large. It is easy to cause cooling in the furnace outlet deposition, after the deposition of gas furnace outlet pipe section reduced. The resistance of the gas flow increases, so the furnace pressure is gradually increased, because the gas and air are in the same system, so the gas bottom pressure will also rise.
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