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Reasons and Treatment of Hot Run of Gas Generator
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There are two common causes of thermal operation, for different reasons, to take a different approach.
(1) the saturation temperature is too low, that is, the amount of steam added to the bottom of the air duct is small, the amount of water vapor contained in the furnace into the furnace is insufficient, so that the temperature inside the furnace, especially the oxide layer, Slag melting point, the ash melting, forming a block.This is not only along the furnace section of the uniform supply of wind has been destroyed, deteriorating the furnace gasification conditions, and because of the presence of large slag, the air flow and carbon contact Surface reduction, carbon dioxide and water vapor failed to react fully with carbon through the reduction layer. The results of gas furnace out of the high temperature, gas in the C02, low calorific value.
When this occurs, the load on the furnace should be reduced, the saturation temperature should be increased, the temperature of the furnace should be reduced to the specified value, and then treated as follows:
When the slag is not serious, with the probe of the brazing interspersed, broken pieces, and appropriate to adjust the amount of coal and ash, so that the furnace gradually returned to normal.
When the furnace conditions deteriorate, the furnace into a piece of large pieces, in order to ensure the quality of gas and easy to handle, the furnace and the network disconnected, with large steel brazing and hammer to knock slag, to be basically processed Normal and then run.
When the stove can not be cut into a single block, had to stop the furnace slag, handle and then point furnace production.
(2) the production process, when the gas production changes, not timely adjustment of coal and ash amount, resulting in gray layer is too high, the oxide layer shift, gas furnace temperature increased.
When this happens, should be appropriate to speed up the ash and coal, so that the gray layer down to the specified value, the furnace can return to normal conditions.
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