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Chemical gas furnace environmental problems were Wanfeng crack
TIME:2017-4-1 14:58:27 | VIEW:
At present, China's chemical production in the widespread use of gas furnace for high sulfur content of smoke, causing serious environmental pollution has been plagued by the development of enterprises. According to statistics, only the gas furnace generated sulfur dioxide flue gas treatment costs, the company invested less than a few hundred thousand dollars a year, as many as one million yuan, and the effect is not satisfactory.
The desulfurization device through the use of cylindrical multi-layer design, to further improve the desulfurizer and gas contact time, to maximize the desulfurization effect, desulfurization rate of 90% or more, the minimum concentration of sulfur dioxide emissions up to 50 mg / cubic meter, Flue gas dehydration rate of more than 97%. At the same time, the technology also through the use of gas-liquid separation device, the flue gas in different particle size of the effective removal of droplets, smoke and smoke greatly reduced, so that downstream equipment is not vulnerable to corrosion. In addition, the gas furnace for the process of easy to produce phenol-containing sewage seriously pollute the problem of groundwater, the company developed a new technology of phenol water evaporator water treatment, fundamentally solve this problem.
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