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The main purpose and working principle of gas furnace
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Gas furnace is for the machinery, metallurgy, building materials, light industry, chemical, refractory and other industries to provide a hot processing workshop mixed furnace gas equipment. Xiaobian today to share the main purpose of gas furnace and working principle.
The main purpose of gas furnace:
For all kinds of metal processing furnace, ceramic kiln, melting furnace, copper refining furnace, forging furnace, forging furnace, metal products heating furnace, hot galvanizing furnace, drying furnace, glass industry. Ceramic industry. Cable industry to provide gas fuel.
Gas furnace work principle:
Out of slag convenient: gas furnace as long as the level of the ground to be placed, it can be very easy to make a safe operation of the ash;
2) at the same time for continuous and cyclical production: 24 hours a day can work without cleaning a single time with a gas;
3) easy to operate: coal time by the gas outlet temperature shows no experience operation;
4) long service life: the use of a unique pagoda-type heat-resistant cast iron grate with a wind at the same time can cool the grate so that the grate temperature maintained at 150 to 250 degrees Celsius greatly extend the grate life
5) easy to repair: all the furnace components are used welding parts users only one welder can be completed on-site repair of the whole stall maintenance time short maintenance personnel hole for maintenance personnel access all the furnace repair work can be completed in the furnace is not Need to disassemble furnace
6) double security, the use of more secure: security is the lifeblood of enterprises, the safety of selected equipment is the most concerned about the problem.
7) combustion more uniform: slagging ability strong slag along the slag circle evenly under the slag coal seam can be evenly down and down due to the uneven density of the coal seam caused by the combustion of different parts of the furnace (ie, partial burning problem).
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