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How to control the temperature of the fire in the double - stage gas
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Two-stage gas furnace furnace temperature is very bad control, which may be the most troublesome thing for most users of the bar. How can we control the temperature of the fire?
1, may be appropriate to reduce the saturation temperature, so that the gasifier in the water vapor content less. The fire is too thick to indicate that the furnace gasifier temperature is too high, a part of the oxide temperature was brought into the dry distillation layer. Resulting in the dry distillation layer temperature rise, can be used to reduce the saturation temperature approach to solve. Such as fire detection, the fire was white or iron melting phenomenon, six detonators single or two temperatures were significantly higher than the average temperature, indicating that the furnace temperature is too high has been a slight slagging phenomenon. Can increase the saturation temperature of the gasifier, adjust the ash pond slag speed. If necessary, to bend the drill chisel, auxiliary slag.
2, adjust the saturation temperature to control the fire layer temperature. The thickness of the fire layer is determined by the gasification strength in the furnace, the furnace temperature, the combustion particle size and the reactivity. The coal seam is determined by the particle size of the coal and the amount of moisture and volatiles contained. Grain size is small, the furnace material layer will increase, if the material layer height is not enough, the coal material without complete dry distillation into the reduction layer, will reduce the reduction layer temperature, affecting the reduction of carbon dioxide. At the same time coal in the dry distillation of the tar and volatile matter will also produce thermal decomposition, into the cyclone and air cooler, stick wall after blocking the pipeline. Gas furnace material layer is too thick to increase the resistance, gasifier through the distribution of uneven distribution is likely to cause local overheating, or even condensation.
3, the appropriate increase in the bottom of the gas flow, reduce the top gas flow to extend the coal time, by the furnace normal gasification, so that material layer down. Such as the furnace empty layer is too high, the top of the gas outlet pressure when the fluctuations in feeding. Then the use of reducing the bottom of the export gas flow, increase the top of the export flow method to solve. The empty layer is the distance between the upper surface of the fuel layer and the top gas outlet, and its role is to bring the generated gas into the pipeline. Height generally in the furnace coal plus dissatisfaction, the top of the export pressure when the fluctuations do not exceed 0.2kpa prevail. Furnace coal after filling the top of the outlet temperature can not be controlled, the gas is easy to move up the furnace layer caused by the upper part of the temperature is too high, burned inspection thermocouple and the central tube. Maintaining the stability of the fuel layer is closely related to the basic operation of the furnace. When coal is added, it is less.
In the actual production, the fuel layer resistance is not very uniform, the production can be used to adjust the valve body valve, in the resistance of small places with a brazier tricks to solve. Cleaning to take many times, less clear way to make a smooth decline in material layer to reduce the fuel layer fluctuations. For each furnace used in different coal, should sum up the law to find the right gasification strength, which can improve the production capacity of two-stage gas furnace, but also to ensure gas quality.
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