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Preparation of gas furnace opening
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The preparation of the gas furnace is: test water, test leak, hot air oven oven, gas furnace oven and the preparation of the original fuel. First, the gas furnace system leak test to ensure that the gas furnace oven and after the opening of the safe production, in the gas furnace before the furnace system-wide leak test, leak detection and plugging work. Test medium: the cooler output of the blower.
(1) the purpose of leakage: 1) to detect leaks to plug, to ensure that the oven safe and not leak gas after opening. 2) Check the air supply system, hot air stove, gas furnace body, gas dust and other systems of the sealing and operating conditions. 3) Check the working conditions and tightness of the valve.
(2) ventilation and leakage of the necessary conditions: 1) gas furnace body, air supply system, gas dust removal system construction end. 2) the valve switch is normal, gas furnace release valve, roof drain valve, gravity dust collector gas shut off valve, etc. set the switch limit position. 3) the main gas meter furnace installation is completed, the signal feedback to the computer, the computer screen display clear, especially the air volume, wind pressure, roof pressure and other measurement parameters must be accurate. 4) loading and roof equipment (including the probe, pressure system) by the end of the joint test (continuous operation 48h without failure). 5) gas furnace body of the air supply device installed to ensure close contact. 6) Oven pipe and gas outlet pipe installed, paste a good iron mouth mud package. The gas outlet pipe is sealed and fixed with a steel plate at the iron protection plate. 7) air supply system, gas furnace roof, gas system manhole all closed. 8) gas furnace grouting hole at all levels of the valve, vent hole hole door strict. 9) tuyere platform, the end of the construction of the iron field, bedding a good iron ditch, pound a good residue device, clean up and basically meet the standard. 10) gas furnace body layers of the platform and gas dust removal system clean, lighting and communication facilities complete.
(3) test leakage range and cold air process. Gas furnace system leaks include: cold air ducts, hot air stoves and their valves, hot air pipes, gas furnace body and the inlet device, riser, down pipe, gravity dust collector, semi-clean gas pipeline and filter bag dust removal device.
(4) gas furnace body leakage. At the same time, the gas outlet pipe with a steel plate sealed and fixed live, to prevent leaks when the leak can not stabilize the pressure.... Gas furnace main body test leak cold air process: blower ~ cold air duct ~ mixed pipe a cold wind gate a hot air main pipe and a gas furnace. The relief valve and the gas shutoff valve are closed and the lower sealing valve is closed. Leakage maximum pressure: the design of the roof pressure.
(5) gas dust removal system leak. Gas dust system leak test of the cold air process: blower → cold air duct → mixed pipe → gas furnace → gravity dust collector → semi-clean gas pipe → filter bag dust removal device (wet dust for the washing tower). The blind pipe of the gas pipe network is closed. Leakage maximum pressure: the design of the furnace pressure (kPa), gas dust system leak when the cold wind can not go through the hot air stove (to prevent the hot air after the furnace into a hot air, when the wind temperature exceeds 300 ℃ will burn the filter bag or valve Of the organic material gasket).
(6) leakage test steps: air supply system, gas furnace body, gas dust removal system can be carried out together. Leakage pressure points in the initial leak detection and detailed leak detection two steps: 1) the initial leak: wind pressure 50kPa, check the leak. Severe leaks (large amount of air leakage) must be dealt with immediately, a small leak to be tested and finished. 2) tightness leak detection: the pressure is not less than 100kPa, with soap and water to check the details of the weld and flange connection parts, check the timely arrangements for plugging. 3) Tightness leak after all the leak processing is completed, according to the leak test procedures, the pressure test.
(7) pressure test operation: all the leak processing is completed, according to leak detection procedures again leak, no leak, press the leak test procedures for pressure operation. Hot air furnace system wind pressure to work pressure. Gas furnace and gas system to achieve the design of the pressure of the roof pressure, the stability of 30min, no exception for the test pressure qualified.
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