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New puzzle refractory brick gas furnace, before the production should be carried out oven
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In the oven before the furnace off, refractory brick masonry quality, to check, remove the furnace and furnace exports debris, and then;
1. In order to prevent the furnace gas from overheating and to create favorable conditions for the entire cross section of the hearth, the furnace is filled with slag with a carbon content of <10% and a particle size between 25 and 75 mm and is higher than the grate 100 ~ 200mm.
2. Turn on the power supply, instrumentation, steam supply, water supply pipe network, water softening water into the specified water level, to the water seal into the production of water to the required water level or as required to maintain overflow.
3. Open the natural vent valve and pull the bell valve. If any of the factories in the scrubber and gas network reliable disconnect the case, open the scrubber on the scatter valve can also be dispersed. But it must be noted that the two valves can only open one of them, not at the same time open.
4. Choose a reasonable oven time and heating rate. Heating rate is generally from room temperature to 120 ℃, take 10 ℃ / h120 ~ 340 ℃ between the take 15 ℃ / h, 340 ~ 550 ℃ between 20 ℃ / h, but this is not static, but also depending on The climatic conditions and the length of the natural drying after the furnace. The principle is to ensure that the refractory bricks and gray stalks will not be due to rapid and hot and produce cracks and deformation under the premise of saving oven time and costs, may be appropriate to speed up the heating rate and reduce the oven time.
5. Install the firewood, ignition oven, and pay attention to the furnace curve control furnace temperature changes, rose to 550 ℃, stop adding wood, let it cool down naturally.
6. After the cold down to the furnace, the test gas gas furnace when the carbon monoxide content of less than 0.03mg / L, you can enter the furnace inspection.
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