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Can ceramic companies use gas stoves?
TIME:2017-4-10 13:28:01 | VIEW:
Some local governments issued a notice to order the ceramic enterprises to shut down the gas furnace. This is not a description of the ceramic enterprises can not use gas furnace? Certainly not.
First of all, you want to clear the small range of ceramic enterprises to prohibit the use of gasifier reasons. For example, Jiajiang County shut down the ceramic industry gas furnace is because the region is too dense ceramic factory, industrial layout is unreasonable. Itself is a high energy consumption, high pollution enterprises, products and relatively backward, ceramic enterprises have long been facing reform.
Individual or small quantities of ceramic enterprises use gas-fired furnace emissions of pollutants is fully up to standard, but because the ceramic enterprises are too dense, making the total more than the local environmental carrying capacity, had to shut down.
So the ceramic enterprises shut down the gas furnace is mainly caused by the irrational layout of the ceramic business, with the gasifier is not related to environmental protection. In the layout of a reasonable area or can use the gas furnace.
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