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How to choose the gas furnace manufacturers?
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As the national environmental policy changes, more and more steel, chemicals, glass, ceramics and other industries using industrial kilns to do the heat source began to buy coal gas equipment. But the gas furnace market, there are many manufacturers, distributors. How to choose a quality and cheap, for their own business is the most suitable for the best gas furnace manufacturers?
1 Select the gas generator manufacturer instead of the dealer.
Gas furnace is not a small project, a small investment, so we must choose the gas furnace manufacturers.
2 to see the gas furnace manufacturers to build time
The longer the business history, the more accumulated experience. Can survive in an industry for decades to determine the quality of the product is extraordinary. Jinan Huangtai plant 58 years, and has been focused on the production of gas furnace, very professional. Choose the old brand, the quality assured. It is recommended that you know more about a few manufacturers, for comparison.
3 small gas furnace can choose small and medium manufacturers
Different gas furnace manufacturers will have different price range, the degree of enterprise qualifications and brand gold content will also directly affect the price of small gas furnace equipment. It is like a big brand must have a strong publicity and investment, so a certain degree of improvement in product prices is reasonable, but it may not explain the quality of small and medium enterprises can not guarantee the product, it is only a slogan The problem.
In fact, such as gas furnace this industrial products, no television advertising, newspapers and other publicity, most companies are advertising in the network, in fact, the cost is not great. The price is too low in your bargaining power.
4 large gas furnace selection of large manufacturers, the old brand
If you need two-stage gas furnace, circulating fluidized bed gasifier and other large investment projects, we must choose a reliable old manufacturers. Like two-stage gas furnace, Jinan Huang Tai has been mature technology, construction of many cases, the quality is absolutely reliable. The circulating fluidized bed gasifier this new technology products, the current domestic only a few companies can do, and their core technology is not the same. Exclude competition between competitors, you can choose to cooperate with the gas furnace manufacturers, a detailed understanding of its program, from a number of aspects of contrast selection.
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