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Optimization of Equipment Configuration for Energy Saving Monitoring Equipment of Gas Generator
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 Optimization of Equipment Configuration for Energy Saving Monitoring Equipment of Gas Generator

(1) a reasonable choice of water pump
The gas pump of the furnace gas station is generally used in softened water supply system, phenol water supply system, circulating cooling water supply system, tar circulation system and wet desulfurization system. Water pump flow and the choice of the parameters should not be too large, generally considered the balance of 10%, small and medium-sized gas stations usually choose two (one with one) or three (dual-use one) water pump, Large-scale gas stations are usually in the form of groups, the use of more than two groups of pumps to the corresponding group of the furnace water (tar), each system using the mother pipe water supply.
(2) air blower and gas booster a reasonable choice
Gas gas furnace in the gasification process required by the air gasifier supplied by the air blower, the furnace gas station production of qualified gas generally need to go through the gas booster after pressurization to the gas point, need to be based on the required amount of air , The bottom of the blast pressure and air pipe layout to choose the air blower model and the number of units, according to the amount of gas delivery and gas pressure requirements and the layout of the gas pipeline plant selection of gas turbocharger model and number.
When selecting the fan, first according to the required air volume of the fan, the whole pressure of the two basic parameters, through the fan of the performance table to determine the fan model and machine number, and strive to make the fan rated flow and rated pressure, as close as possible to the process requirements Of the flow and pressure, so that the fan running when the use of working conditions close to the fan characteristics of the efficient area. In the choice of air blower and gas booster number, should try to avoid the use of fan parallel or series mode of operation, when the inevitable, should choose the same model, with the performance of the fan work together.
Gas station air blower and gas turbocharger configuration must be combined with gas point on the gas demand changes, if the gas station construction, should be in a construction selection, the appropriate air blower and gas booster to increase, That is, taking into account the two fans when the fan parallel connection coefficient.
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