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Environmental Problems of Two - stage Gas Stations in Water - cooling Process
TIME:2017-4-17 15:03:06 | VIEW:
(1) chillers cooling water for direct contact with water and direct flushing water, with a lot of tar, dust and benzene, phenol and other harmful substances, the water collection, natural cooling, recycling applications. But the water in the cooling pool in the natural evaporation of serious pollution of air, station area environment is poor. Moreover, the chiller cooling pool in the rainy season is easy to surplus water, causing the water outfall, serious pollution of the environment.
(2) cooling water in the chiller with the high temperature gas direct heat transfer process, a considerable part of the water vaporization of water vapor is taken away by the gas, into the next level of purification process, this part of the water vapor in the indirect cooler The deep cooling of the gas is condensed out, thus greatly increasing the production of coal-containing phenol wastewater, to the phenol wastewater treatment has brought many difficulties.
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