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How to improve the temperature of the gas furnace so that the temperature and then high
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For metallurgy, ceramics and other heating industry, the gas furnace temperature and their production impact is quite great. The temperature is the ultimate goal of the gas furnace, that is, the gas produced in the end is nothing more than to meet the different needs of the supply of heat, and heat is involved in an important factor is the so-called temperature, temperature for our production needs that Is an irreplaceable and important role, raising the temperature has almost become the only way to improve production efficiency, especially for some of the heat to survive the business.
For the increase in the temperature of the gas furnace can take the following measures:
1, can reduce the saturation temperature, but not a reduction of too much, generally reduce the degree once again.
2, can increase the amount of blast.
3, in the gas pipe outlet supply burner, the appropriate increase in the amount of gas.
4, on time for the gas furnace for coal.
5, the timely gas stove slag to prevent slag does not cause timely impact of gas production and thus affect the temperature increase, and ultimately lead to the normal 
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