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Control Technique of Gas Furnace
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  Control Method of Gas Furnace Furnace

  The reaction of coal in the furnace is by the catalyst, that is, air. The mixing ratio of coal and air determines the degree of coal reaction, so the number of air in the furnace is the key, and we only need to control the amount of air into the gas, is to improve the efficiency of the best way. The air inside the furnace, such as too much, may make the fire too much, too little, it will make the combustion is not sufficient. The method of adjusting the amount of air entering the furnace is to adjust the two baffles at the junction of the jet and the burner, which is pressed by the spring. Adjust the baffle to control the amount of air entering, you can control the gas with air mixing ratio.

  Comparison of fuel calorific value

  Each generating kcal of calories, various fuels converted prices

  Standard coal 6500 kcal / kg (0,6 yuan / kg Zhengzhou price = 0,09 yuan / thousand kcal)

  Diesel 10000 kcal / ㎏ (4,9 yuan / kg = 0,49 yuan / thousand kcal)

  Natural gas 8500 kcal / m3 (1,8 yuan / cubic = 0,2 yuan / thousand kcal)

  Liquefied gas 12000 kcal / ㎏ (7 yuan / kg = 0,58 yuan / thousand kcal)

  Electric 860 kcal / degree (0,5 yuan / degree = 0,58 yuan / thousand kcal)

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