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Two - stage Gas Stove Measurement Method
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The lower part of the cylinder body is filled with water, the water seal body has a diagonal partition, which is not cut off the state, the normal circulation as a cut off the gas and external space. Because it is half net gas, so the gas flow over a large amount of tar and coal dust in the sink here, while half of the net in the accumulation of many of the tar and coal dust also flow to the water seal of the water seal body, a long time , It is necessary to clear these deposits, otherwise it will cause clogging, so in the water seal part of the slag mouth, easy to slag, only need to be cut off when the mouth to seal.
Water seal body has three pipes inserted, one is the hot circulating water pipe, as a supplementary water seal water loss (in the past there are some installed high pressure flushing water pipe to impulse the bottom of the sediment discharge); Second, the new water pipe is as a once after the water pipe failure The replacement of water pipes; there is a steam pipe, as the bottom of the thickening of the tar heating, so that it can be discharged smoothly. There is also a set of overflow pipes on the water seal, that is, when the water seal is fully opened, it is in the low overflow, and it should be in the high overflow state when it is cut off. Metering test adjustment devices such as orifice plate, take pressure hole, temperature measurement hole, sampling port and so on. The grounding device in time leads to the static electricity generated when the gas flows. Two-stage gas furnace cut off the water seal is welded by the steel plate, most of the current cut are cylindrical structure, that is, the upper half of the net total part of the tube is round, the lower body is also round, but the previous individual The lower body of the plant is also made square. Half of the total net is closed to the water seal, half of the water seal is open, and by the partition will be the upper part of the body separated, the gas is from the open part of the flow through the partition, and then flow to the The inlet pipe of the tar. Two-stage gas generator gas pipeline is a general term, in fact, including the pipeline and its accessories, no accessories can not form a complete gas pipeline.
Two-stage gas furnace gas pipe accessories mainly have a flange as a link to the gas pipe straight pipe and other equipment and accessories used, and the connection between the pipes are used welding. Manhole as into the gas pipeline and repair pipeline ventilation, lighting use, most of the round, but also the use of square. Dispersion device is generally located in the gas pipeline terminal, in the long pipeline is also located in the middle of the pipeline, the radiator by the release valve and the composition of the release tube. The steam purging device is generally located at the beginning or middle of the gas pipeline, and in the long pipe there are also a plurality of purging devices which are composed of a steam pipe and a steam valve. Expansion device as the absorption pipe due to thermal expansion and contraction caused by the contraction and expansion of the margin of the device. Condensate water drain gas in the process of continuous precipitation of condensate, through the drainage device to achieve continuous discharge of condensate, but will not leak gas. An explosion - proof valve, also known as a bleed valve, is a means of preventing greater damage to the pipe caused by the explosion.
Gas shutoff device for the operation of the system and the shutdown or maintenance of the system to achieve complete isolation, the use of valves and water seals, but this is a cut off the device, only the use of blind, leaf-shaped board and glasses switch (glasses valve) Gas pipeline for two reliable cut off. Two - stage gas furnace gas stent as the support of gas pipeline gravity and thrust purposes.
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